Uhm, I guess I’ve been busy?

November 20, 2012

Apologies for the silence; I’ve been slingin’ furniture as fast as I can from the shop.

On to business, I want to talk about trends for a minute.

Get Stoned. Stones and rocks and crystals are pretty and organic. If you’re a real baller, maybe you should have this in your bathroom (I mean- what could be better for your spanish villa?).
I will say, if you employ stone in your project, please keep it real- faux stone is creepy, and c’mon, it’s rocks, you
can walk outside and pick a real one up for free.


OR you can start here:

Quartz on a stand.

Watercolor. Or things that are ‘marbled’.

(the material here is by Kravet: Sorenson Carnival.)

Modern Cowboy. Think minimalist meets southwest style.

This image has made circled around the blogosphere for a while now, but it’s a great example I couldn’t resist.

Southwestern/Navajo is already hot on the heels of ikat.
See photo above too.

Yup. That’s pretty.

Tiger is the new leopard. Done and done.


Well, that’s a little overboard.

Much better.
(PS, that material is Scalamandre’s Tigre and it’s more expensive than gold- it’s a silk velvet. But it’s

Serpents and weird insectsCassandra spotted this great duvet made with Design Legacy’s snake print material. Kind of in love.

Cobalt is still on the rise. I’ve talked about cobalt here before (in Feb of ’10 no less!) (and here too), and by no means has it already gone to the wayside. Interpret this as a neutral, think oceans and inks.



A couple trends I’d like to see less of:

Nailheads. OMG. This might need to visit a coffin (ironically closed with nails). I like the authenticity of the detail but it’s become so purely decorative lately that I’m not sure I’m sold anymore on it.

Chevron pattern. Please Chev, you’ve had your limelight, time to move on.

Those are the bigger trends I’m seeing.. Any obvious ones I’m missing here? What do you see trending?

xo, I promise I won’t stay away this long again!


2 Responses to Uhm, I guess I’ve been busy?

  1. Raina Cox November 20, 2012 at 1:43 am #

    This list is so much more on point than the one in a certain national shelter mag.

  2. Home Decor December 11, 2012 at 6:00 am #

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