Rise ‘n Shine (and some 2014 trends).

November 27, 2013


*Bear stretches and rubs eyes.*

Well that was a good nap. Bear jumps onto BlogWagon.. all aboard!

HI! Let’s recap quickly what I’ve been doing the last yearish (since you’re dying to know);  I’ve been running my boutique design shop in Portland Oregon helping people make their home more glorious than they can imagine. Not only have I been glorious-making, I’ve been an accountant, inventory manager, AR/AP, Marketing Manager and Creative Director, oh, and the all-important coffee-fetcher. So I been busy yo. But I miss blogland; the people and the learning. It is by far one of the best tools out there.

I’m going to dive back in with a recap of what I think are the fastest moving trends for the latter end of 2013 and moving forward into 2014.


1. One-of-a-kind shapes made from nature remain a powerhouse (we all want to be unique! *sob*). Think Geodes, raw wood, crystals, watercolor.

Yes. Duh.

2. Insects. Yes. For sure. Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice. (also serpents and snakes.)

Grrr. Beetle. (that’s rad and you can’t deny it even though it’s creepy.)

3. Art Deco influence. Streamlined and polished, the palette will include a pastel with masculine golds and blacks.

Art Deco suite at the Savoy, London.

4. Boho-easy-livin. It’s true, just add a dash of hippie and you’ll be on-trend. (Think Pendleton wools & Southwest geomentric influence, natural materials). This style is hard not to like; it captures an inner surfer girl who lives modestly on the beach and perhaps makes smoothies for a living when she’s not crafting dream-catchers for her best friends.

Easy livin’. Nothing too fragile is the name of the game here. And be a collector.

5. Large-Scale florals. Designers Guild’s famous classic is back in action.

Designer’s Guild pillow

6. Rad Plaid.

Ace Hotel. Yes. They did the plaid right.

But also this:

I mean seriously. This rocks my world. (from a Pinto)


7. As for colors: Well, Pantone named Emerald color of the year, but cobalt is still going strong strong strong. (My personal vote is for lavendar, use with deco theme and watch drooling ensue, or pair with navy/cobalt for a soft and strong combo.) The OxBlood and Army green muscling around in the fashion world the last 12 months will probably influence interiors in the upcoming year too. Especially OxBlood.

OxBlood interior.

Navy & Lavender interior. Dude, totes working good.


And just in general:

DOWNSIZING. omg it’s a real thing to live smaller and smarter; this is almost guaranteed to make life easier.

Bein’ green. Obvi. See ‘Downsizing’.

What’s sooooo last year?

I’m not feelin’ the lattice-influenced geometric anymore. I’d rather not see another lattice pillow.

Glam-punk is still making its rounds out there; but use caution, this trend is definitely on its way out more than in. I still dig the skulls though, but no photos of crystal chandeliers please.

Black and white and gold. There isn’t a skull on that coffee table but there totally could be.

Antlers are a thing of the past too. They are cool, but they were SOCOOL for SOLONG that I think we over did it a little.

Ombre. Makes me want to cry. In all cases.



Ok! I’m back. Let’s do this.

Also, happy Turkey. Gobble.




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  1. Tara December 22, 2013 at 12:25 am #

    Welcome back to blogging from your busy year! I ditched mine too, and then we moved which pretty much put a fork in it. Still love reading them though!