I’m obsessed with Gypsies.

January 4, 2014

I’ve always been kinda fascinated by Gypsies, but not really.

I’m really now.

While the boho-chic style is enviable, I’m also romanticizing over the idea of roaming freely, dancing in things that jingle and sparkle and drinking in the music. (save arranged marriages though). Since I can’t caravan like I’d like, let’s have a look at some beautiful Gypsy styles and and interiors..

Gypset Style

From the Assoluine Book: Gypset Style

This is one of my favortie images from this book by Julia Chaplin. (Notice how her upper and lower lips are different shades of pink. All that bubblegum paried with emerald is a goregous combo.)

gypsy style

yes. just yes.

The crafted details and luxurious layers are nothing less than spell-binding.

Gypsy jewels.

Want more of these girls? watch this video: here.

I think this bedroom pushed me over the edge into boho obsession:

Dream-catcher love in modern boho bedroom.

I am going to make an attempt at that dream catcher.. it’s SO gorgeous. Maybe I’ll catalog my process so you can make your own too (dream catchers for everyone!)..

Mod Boho, black & white.

Really the only thing in this photo making it boho is the rug.. but either way I like the vibe. (Designer Tip: A Black and White base palette will always deliver a little drama, stays fresh and is timeless. Case in point the last two photos…)

A little skull & Mouille never hurt.

Layer those textures.



So there we have it, a little boho Gypsy inspiration.

Happy New Year amigos!! Stay warm wherever you are!

Cheers to 2014.

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